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Which War are the women trying to stop in the play “Lysistrata”?

Which of the following is a play by Aristophanes?

Who wrote the music for the production “Sweet Bird of Youth”?

Which theatre organization did Karolos Koun create?

Who wrote the music for “The Exception and the Rule”?

When was Bertolt Brecht born?

Who was the director of the play “Pornography”?

In which theatre was the play “Pornography” performed?

Who was the author of the play “Three Sisters”?

Which country was Chekhov from?

To which war does the play “Troades” refer?

Which of the following ancient tragedies has M. Cacoyannis made a film about?

In which year was the play “Our Great Circus” performed?

Who wrote the text and who wrote the music for “Our Great Circus”?

Who designed the main building of the National Theatre which is depicted in the brochure of the play “The Clouds”?

What year was the play “The Clouds” written?

Who wrote the music for “The Inspector”?

In which country is the play “The Inspector”

What are the maenads in the tragedy “The Bacchae”?

Who wrote “The Bacchae”?


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